Thursday, June 28, 2012

Return of Gold Juniors Looking Real

We all know it's going to happen.  We all know why, mostly.  We just don't know when and because a watched pot never boils it has become particlarly painful to watch and wait.

Well the waiting looks like it's over.  Time to play.   =)   So find your favorite little junior gold stocks and start thinking about building that sand castle... keeping an eye out for the beach bully—because he will be back to try and make us all fearful, again.

The window for high-return gold equity shopping is now open IMO.


June 28, 2012, 9:06 a.m. EDT

Top Junior Gold Mining Stocks Gained 28%

Jun 28, 2012 (ACCESSWIRE-TNW via COMTEX) -- TORONTO, Canada: In tracking the small cap stock universe for Wednesday, June 27, 2012, Ubika Research found that the top 10 small cap stock gainers from each of the listed sectors performed as follows: 

Metals & Mining stocks: +24% 

Gold stocks: +28% 

Energy stocks: +21% 

Technology stocks: +9% 

Clean Tech stocks: +9% 

The top individual small cap stock gainers include Strata Minerals Inc. (CVE:CA:SMP) with a 46% gain in metals and mining, Stronghold Metals Inc. (CVE:CA:Z) with a 70% gain among gold stocks, Sundance Energy Corp. (CVE:CA:SNY) with a 67% gain in Energy, Zaio Corp. (CVE:CA:ZAO) with a 31% gain among technology stocks and Run of River Power Inc. (CVE:CA:ROR) with a 17% gain in the cleantech category. 


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