Wednesday, August 1, 2012

YIKES!—Bill Gross joins the 'Stocks are Dead' Club—is the end near?

As I said—YIKES!


After the the " Flash Crash", MF Global Theft, and today's recent market glitch. It's no surprise that many are abandoning the market in droves. We been witnessing this for years which is apparent by the anemic market volume. The below article is about Bill gross joining the stocks are dead club. There is very little confidence left or people with jobs to be participants, retail has been dead for years. All that there is now is institutions and hedgies with black box algo systems, so this is the new normal. Sad days indeed.

I personally have been still trying to find the bulls in this whacky market and ACI JAG are a few of recent, but as I told much of you over the years, take the profits out of the stocks and put them into something real. The financial cliff is approaching and I wouldn't want to be holding paper when it hits.


Bill Gross Is Latest to Join 'Stocks Are Dead' Club
By Jeff Cox | CNBC – Tue, Jul 31, 2012 1:11 PM EDT

Stocks will no longer generate the kinds of returns they've had over the past century, ending the "cult of equity" that has been Wall Street's mantra for generations, Bill Gross, managing director at bond giant Pimco, says in his monthly market analysis.

He also predicts the stock market's consistent annual return will be reduced to a "historical freak" that will never be repeated.

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