Friday, November 8, 2013

Erysichthon—THE Myth That Describes Our Situation Simply

I haven't written in a while.  I stopped watching the bits of brown-stuff flowing from the fan.  There is no point watching the control trip being spun by all levels of the beast.  The message is the same.  But it will change and the full load of brown-stuff will soon enough hit the fan(s).  The illusion of the beasts control is almost over.  The beast will make a misstep.  It is a universal truth that change happens relentlessly and we can all see that the conditions for the survival of the beast in its present form have utterly changed and in response the beast's hunger only grows.

There is a 'myth' in Greek mythology that I heard from Frank Zingrone who was a teacher of mine in York University (he had done a lot of work with and for his teacher: Marshall McLuhan).  I would like to share with you as I heard it from him.

Erysichthon was the son of Triopas. He was an arrogant and impious man who dared to fell timber in the sacred grove of Demeter. As punishment, Ceres sent Famine to dwell in Erysichthon's entrails, so that he was continuously tormented by an insatiable hunger. He ate up all the food in sight, and sold all his possessions to buy more; still he was not satisfied. Finally he sold his own daughter. She appealed to Poseidon, who had taken her virginity, for assistance, and Poseidon granted her the power to change into any shape she wished, thus enabling her to escape her new master. Her father discovered her ability and sold her many times thereafter until he had her become a pig and he sold her for a celebration in a nearby kingdom.  When she returned to her human form she met and fell in love with someone there and dallied for a day.  When she returned home she discovered that Erysichthon had devoured himself.

Isn't this what we are watching play out in financial markets?  Think about it. 

Stop being the daughter, stop being the pig and let the sickness come to its natural conclusion.  Our world will be a lot better for it.  Take the cure.   Tell that to the politicians?  No they are one of the Erysichthon's limbs and will be devoured in due course.

What can those who understand do?  Withdraw active support for the body of the problem Erysichthon and live happy without the illusions they ask you to hold.  And watch the show.  We are nearly there.

The ship of fools is going down.  Don't be penned like sheep by ideas that are lies we tell ourselves to keep ourselves in the fold.  Look and see clearly for yourselves—that clarity is a happy place whereas the cloudy delusion of our present circumstances is not.  Understand that our present situation is not some high-level conspiracy other that the rich wanting to stay so—they suck at the same teat of delusion as everyone else. There is no one group to blame.  The problem is us.  And we are the solution so start with yourself—that's where it all starts in truth.

May All Be Well and Happy—Without Having to 'Pursue' It.

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