Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Invest in Gold and Silver?

This is a somewhat 'lite' article but it is the kind of thing getting passed around these days a s gold and silver provide potential security is a fiat-sick world.


...Right now, precious metals are the investment choice of most people. More specifically, this refers to gold and silver which have been incredibly visible even in the old years. Both metals are not only utilized for jewelries but also have very strong ties in different industries.

Why Invest in Gold and Silver?

What most people don’t know is that precious metals are capable of protecting individuals during inflation. This means that even as the purchasing power of money lessens, the value of these two metals remain rock solid. This isn’t really surprising considering their history. Gold was once used as a medium of exchange and is still highly valued current trade. In fact, countries today release their currencies depending on the number of gold reserves they have in the vault. Simply put, paper currency is an efficient representation of gold the country has. Make sure your assets are safe from economic collapse by setting up a silver 401k .

On the other hand, there are many industries that utilize silver and deem it important. In fact, there might be more uses for silver today compared to gold. For one thing, silver has antibacterial properties that make it invaluable in the hospital room. In order to keep them sterile, medical equipments are actually being coated with silver. The fact that they are also conductive means that wires today have small traces of silver in them to make them more productive.

Of course, their industrial use are not the only reasons why they make good protectors against inflation. Imagine having $10,000 today, putting it in the safe and using it 10 years after. The value of $10,000 right now would hardly be equal to the value of $10,000 ten years into the future. In fact, it might decrease drastically, causing a person to purchase lesser products with their $10,000 in the future. However, this isn’t the case with both gold and silver. Since the value of currencies depend on them and not vice versa, they are rarely affected by changing purchasing powers. A kilo of gold today would still be a kilo of gold ten years into the future. Even after a long time, precious metals have the capacity of maintaining their value and resisting devaluation. Even better, gold is globally recognized and is therefore not that hard to convert.

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