Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"...personally I have sold gold to buy gold stocks and silver stocks..." Eric Sprott

This is a must view for anyone trying to understand what is happening. Eric has great depth of understanding of what the market is doing why it got there and what to watch for—Eric should be on everyone who is concerned with the how the idiots who got us into this situation and where their 'leadership is taking us.

From the video:
"... precious metals stocks are getting so cheap that they should out perform the metals here...we haven't see the earnings power of these companies...personally I have sold gold to buy gold stocks and silver stocks..."

Talks also about how silver is the real 'hidden' elephant of value.

It's your money (if you still have any)—Invest for the real and away from the unreal world manufactured by the banksters and sold like a ponzi-scheme to the rest of us while they take all the benefit. It's time stop buying the BS fr0m GS and 'friends'—LOL



  1. It is a mistake to assume that human infallibility exists. Here Sprott provides proof that he,too, is fallible. We are on the precipice of a nuclear currency war, which will cause almost all paper (including shares) to burn. Oil is NOT going to play the worthless paper/digital currency unit game for much longer. When currencies burn, watch Oil bid for GOLD.
    Silver bugs cite Silver's multitude of ever-increasing industrial and medical uses as grounds for Silver outperforming Gold. They could not be more wrong in such reasoning, for this cornucopia of industrial uses is indeed the very reason that Silver's price ascent will necessarily be capped. Gold lives under no such restraints, no such price-capping pressure.
    Mines? Don't even get me started. Suffice to say that one must place oneself in a future in which Oil (the very blood of industrial production) has bid for Gold. How do you think governments might respond then to as yet unmined precious metals' deposits?

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  3. Infallible? That's not my opinion. I think his view is, in my opinion, a valuable reed in one's mind's basket as we pass through this market of confusion.

    You may be right about silver. I have the same creeping feeling—BUT—the truth is their is very little actual silver period. It is scarcer than gold. I assume that's why it has been being manipulated by HSBC and JP Morgan asking as market organs for the real power... like the families that own the US Federal Reserve (it is a private company).

    Thank you for your comments.

  4. None of my comments refer to your personal opinion, but are merely a response to Sprott's views. I don't claim that you believe Sprott is infallible. I agree that Sprott's views are immensely valuable- he is a clear thinker with insight and daring. It just so happens that in certain areas I happen to disagree with his analysis, and offer my views as a counter-weight. People should take on all points of view, and then find their own path, whenever they have an investment decision to make. I have no doubt Silver will perform well in the fall-out from the nuclear currency war. But as the world is forced to revalue all physical assets at their real (non-fiat-denominated) worth, the assets which outperform all others will be OIL and GOLD.



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