Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Stock Market Report

Here is a look at how the major Indices fared this week:
The closed up 141.90 @10913.38 below it's MA(200) @11984.95
S&P500 ($SPX)The S&P 500 closed down 5.01 @1131.42 under it's MA(200) @ 1280.12
Volatility Index ($VIX)The Volatility Index closed up 1.71 @42.96 over it's MA(200)@21.99
Baltic Dry Index ($BDI)The Baltic Dry Index, an index that measures shipping spot freight rates of various dry bulk cargoes closed down 21 @1899.00 over it's MA(200) @1466.94
Gold ($GOLD)Gold closed down 35.50 @1626.50 for the week above it's MA(200) @1528.51
Silver ($SILVER)Silver closed down 1.10 @29.98 below it's MA(200) @36.06
U.S. Dollar ($USD)The U.S. Dollar closed up 0.05 @78.55 over it's MA(200) @76.37
Euro/U.S ($XEU) The Index closed down 1.03 @133.88 below it's MA(200) @ 140.27
Oil ($WTIC) OIL Light Crude closed down 0.95 @78.90 under it's MA(200) @ 95.26

From's Weekly Report: Earnings, Economic Calendar

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